Unbridled Horse Therapy

A Therapeutic Riding Center

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our mission at Unbridled is to effectively intercede and encourage unrealized potential through the connection between horse and rider. 

We believe that anyone, no matter their abilities, can receive peace, healing and strength when working and bonding with a horse. Our horses and instructors have provided therapy sessions to over 200 rider’s since 2016 and each rider and their family has become an integral part of the Unbridled family.


Grayson & Cooper

“In the last few years riding at Unbridled, Grayson’s strength and balance increased enough to ride without assistance. This has provided independence in riding which has been a gift for Grayson and our family”

Nastasia & Midnight

“Nastasia has grown by leaps and bounds and has enjoyed the challenges and bonding that Unbridled has provided. This ranch is our families happy place.”

Andrew & Linus

“…he began to excel in school, started communicating more verbally and progressing on anxiety management. He continued to make great strides with horse therapy.”

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Unbridled Horse Therapy
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